The international presence of Università IULM Milano explained with focus on cooperation agreements with universities in the world, and different kind of exchange programs for incoming and outgoing students.

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IULM University has a global horizon

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IULM University has always placed the concept of internationalization at the heart of its identity. The IULM international network is a key tool that allows the entire IULM universe to feel proactively and interactively connected at all times. It is an opportunity for international commitment, through which to share professional but also personal experiences to better understand the complexities of both global and local challenges. Confronting a global context, learning to understand different cultural dynamics and developing communication skills are opportunities that allow you to expand your knowledge across national borders. This allows us to be more prepared and competitive with respect to the needs of the constantly changing and evolving global labour market.

With more than 135 agreements in more than 30 countries worldwide, IULM University has always placed the concept of internationalisation at the heart of its identity. The university’s global approach aims not only to establish more and more partnerships and strategic agreements at the international level, but also to provide its students, faculty and staff with a real sharing platform capable of promoting cooperation activities in a common global context of academic excellence, scientific research and human value.