The international presence of Università IULM Milano explained with focus on cooperation agreements with universities in the world, and different kind of exchange programs for incoming and outgoing students.



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Università IULM has connections almost in every continent of the World and the map highlights the existing network between Università IULM and its main partners.

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With its network of more than 100 international agreements in over 20 different countries, Università IULM has always put the concept of Internazionalization at the core of its identity. But it’s not just that. As a higher education institution, Università IULM is embracing the internazionalization movement not only to establish and strenghten more and more partnernships and strategic relationships at a global level but, more importantly, to provide a sharing platform able to promote cooperative activities in an ever-growing communal global area of academic excellence, scientific knowledge and human value.


The IULM International Network is a key instrument which enables the whole IULM world to feel constantly and interactively connected. A global multipurpose platform which gives students (both inbound or outbound, both current and former), faculty and staff the opportunity to be globally engaged, share personal and professional experiences at an international level and better understand the complexities of both global and local challenges.


Università IULM has a global perspective. And, in order to implement this strategy, the IULM International Network has been launched within a framework of shared goals, which are our main values as well.

100 Agreements
30 countries